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Alet Uys Attorneys is a dedicated, transparent and personal law firm based in Lynnwood, Pretoria. We accept all commercial and private matters. Our firm protects our clients’ interests with a solid foundation of legal knowledge and a large network of various specialist advocates.

Our approach: to give personal, custom-made advice. To get to know the people of the company we serve. To pre-empt problems. Above all: to add value. 

Alet is the founder and director of Alet Uys Attorneys. The firm has enjoyed 5 successful years under her stewardship. Alet is an admitted attorney that holds a BComm Law LLB (UP) and is currently studying toward a Masters in Law.

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Your one-stop for all your legal needs. Let us assist you with your personal affairs, your family’s affairs and your business affairs. Specialist advocates will be involved to ensure the best outcome to your legal problem. We are client-centred which means no legal problem is too big or too small. From ad hoc legal questions to large court cases – we handle it all. We pride ourselves on offering continuity and being responsive. Clients are kept informed. We solve your problems and address all your legal needs.

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Alet Uys holds a BComm Law LLB (UP). She excelled academically and was identified as a member of the Golden Key Society and was on the Dean’s Merit List for academic excellence. Alet proudly served as a judge in the UP Constitutional Tribunal and sang in the university choir. Alet completed her articles of clerkship at a law clinic where she immediately handled several civil and criminal cases on her own. During her articles Alet’s litigation skills were honed and her passion for the law was born.


After Alet was admitted as an attorney at the start of 2015 she realised there is a need for a one-stop law firm to address a client’s entire variety of legal needs. The need for a transparent, dedicated, personal law firm was identified and Alet Uys Attorneys was born in November 2015.


Five years later Alet Uys Attorneys obtained notable success. Some highlights include two reported cases in the Braamfontein Labour Court (2019), cases covered by the media such as a dog bite matter (YOU Magazine, 2019), an article in the Female Entrepreneur Magazine (2018), commentary in Netwerk24 (2016 – 2018) and success in Public Law matters (assisting the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, 2017 – 2019). 

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Blog entries: stay up to date with the firm and legal world in South Africa 

No win, no fee: Is it legal and what is or is not allowed?

On 01 November 2020, Carte Blanche (the investigative journalism programme on MNET) ran a story about a company named Employment Law Experts. The said company has a website on which it markets itself as labour law experts that help clients with labour law claims on a...

What if I get arrested in during the Festive Season? Can I get bail or must I remain in custody?

The Festive Season is approaching fast. The legal alcohol blood limit in South Africa is a mere 0.05g of alcohol per 100ml of blood. In reality, the current alcohol limit means you cannot drink one drink and drive as you are over the legal limit after one drink. The...

Judgment in respect of amending court papers – Dated 18 December 2019

A judgment was handed down today in a matter we are involved in (we act for the Applicant/Defendant): The Plaintiff instituted action to claim R700,327.98 which he said he lent and advanced to the Defendant for building works on two buildings she owns. The Plaintiff...

“How does the law protect me against abuse?” Article as it appeared in Hope to Heal magazine, November 2019 Vol. 3

In my practice I often encounter matters where women need protection against abusive men. I also often represent these women at court to obtain life-long interdicts against the abusers.You are afforded protection against an abuser or threatening behaviour by means of...

Sometimes a spouse unilaterally decreases or stops maintenance payable to the other spouse pending their divorce.

The court rules allow a spouse to apply for interim maintenance while the divorce is pending. In an interim maintenance application we already started preparing in March 2019 and which was heard in the High Court yesterday, we obtained a court order where the other...

Will a recent, possibly discriminatory, decision by the Medical Schemes Council which entitles a medical scheme to charge additional tariffs to operate on overweight persons be challenged in a court of law?

In a recent decision made by the Medical Schemes Council, it was decided that a medical scheme is entitled to charge additional tariffs to operate on overweight persons. One wonders if the decision will be challenged in a court of law as the decision may be considered...

These occupations have a legal duty to report child abuse to a social development provincial department, child protection organisation or police official.

If you are one of the following people and you have reason to believe a child is physically abused, sexually abused or deliberately neglected you have a legal duty to report the abuse to a social development provincial department, child protection organisation or...

In the 2010 matter of MB v NB, a stepfather remained obliged to pay his stepson’s private school tuition even after he divorced from the stepson’s mother.

The court held that the stepfather promised to pay the relevant fees and the law would be blind if it could not hold him to his promise. The stepfather represented himself as the stepson's father and the mother and stepson relied on such representation. He was...

When two parties go on trial in a civil matter and have two diverging factual versions, how does the court decide which version to believe?

In 2003 in a Supreme Court of Appeal (Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery v Patel) matter the above question was discussed: A court must make findings on credibility of factual witnesses, on their reliability and on probabilities. In terms of the credibility, the court...

Our office opposed an urgent application on behalf of a client in the Pretoria High Court.

Two parts were brought before the urgent court: Part A That a warrant of arrest that a maintenance court issued to secure a party's attendance before the maintenance court be suspended whilst Part B The party against whom the warrant of arrest was issued applies to...

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